School News

 Calendar Reminder  Christmas Break begins Friday, Dec. 22 at noon. (After Care available until regular time at regular price.)        School is closed through Jan. 1st.

School  Resumes Tuesday, Jan. 2..

                             Our Holiday Thoughts for you!_______________

        The staff of CDCA thanks you for allowing us the privilege of serving your family by teaching your          child this year.

        Thank you for your help in and out of school.

        Thank you too for your many acts of kindness and generosity to the school, our students and our            staff.

       We pray for the Lord to give you a Joyous Christmas with your family and loved ones, and a truly            Blessed New Year !

     Inclement Weather Policy                 When severe weather is forecast, I try to stay informed of predictions, conditions, etc.  In the event of serious weather conditions, such as snow, ice, fog, hurricane warnings, etc. we will follow these general guidelines.

Check the website first :

  1. Although the actions of other schools are taken into consideration, they have school buses to be concerned about, children waiting out by the roads, etc. and we do not. Therefore, sometimes they will be closed and we are not.
  2. We seldom have late openings, and not for fog. Even during late openings, we try to be here for parents who have to get to work, by 8:00.
  3. Information will be posted on our website, by 6:30 to 6:45 AM.
  4. The Bridge (88.7 FM), and WBOC (TV 16) will be contacted and usually announce information every 20 or 30 minutes, and post on their websites.

Many people give to charity organizations for tax-deductions this time of year. Since CDCA is a 501-c-3, tax exempt organization, donations to the school are tax-deductible. Any help will go a long way!

Sunday Soup  – lunch, fundraising and fellowship

  Sunday, Jan. 13  –  Noon till 1:30

          You can help…

Sign up to bring a pot of soup.                      

Sign up to bring a dessert                               

     (Sign up sheets on bulletin board in front hall.__

Bring your family                                

Invite friends    All you can eat $8.00, children $4.00            

SAVE THE DATE:   FRIDAY,    Feb. 23    6:00pm

Silent Auction and 30th Anniversary Celebration

Dinner, Silent Auction, Student participation, fun activities and events.

Dinner this year features a Pasta Bar

The Silent auction includes almost 200 items, including gift cards and certificates to various restaurants, stores, vacation venues, overnight stays, etc.

 –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –


Please Circle your choices and send in with money on

Tuesday morning since there is no school Monday.                

Cash is appreciated.

 Student Name ________________      __Week of  1/2

 Tuesday     PIZZA  DAY

1 slice &Drink $2.00                        2 slices & Drink  $3.00

 Wednesday    CHICK – FIL – A

                4 Nuggets, chips,  juice                            $3.00

            8 Nuggets, chips,   juice                               $4.00

            Chicken Sandwich,   juice                           $4.00

Thursday      Hot Dog on  Bun                                     $3.00

Applesauce, Juice or Milk

Friday        WENDY’S   with  Popsicle & drink          $3.00

Choices:    Cheeseburger or

Crispy Chicken or

4 PC Nuggets

6PC Nuggets   $4.00