CDCA opened in September, 1988, and has offered a quality academic and spiritual program to families from the central Delaware area; as far south as Farmington; north as Smyrna; and west as Eastern Maryland.

The school was founded by a small group of concerned educators and parents, who began CDCA to provide a quality academic program in a nurturing Christian atmosphere, free from as many particular church doctrines as possible. Schools of our sort have been very successful nation-wide, and have grown over a number of years to be academic and spiritual stalwarts in their communities.

Over the past thirteen years, the school has grown from a beginning of 14 students in Kindergarten through Third Grade to over 100 students in Pre-School through Eighth Grade.

Nine years ago we moved into our present location so the school program could go on uninterrupted, and to firmly establish the school’s independence from a single local church. We do, however, rely on several local churches for supporting parents, teachers, contributors, and other assistance. We have recently purchased a neighboring property, and will be expanding there in the next year or two.