The Core curriculum is the A Beka Book Curriculum, a traditional teaching program, published by Pensacola Christian College, and used by over 600,000 students daily.

The academic program at Central Delaware Christian Academy will provide the foundation upon which your child’s future education will be built.

Solid instruction in the academic areas, positive work habits, respect for God and others and a sense of responsibility are the curriculum goals. After much research, we have chosen a core curriculum, and add to the academic goals desired. Evaluation of our curriculum is ongoing, and changes are made as necessary to keep pace with our changing students and technology.


Language Arts

Language is the basis of the education of each student. It involves reading, writing, spelling, grammar and speech. Our reading centers on the phonetic approach, which historically is the most successful way to teach reading. Although not designed to be a literature-based program, we employ a great deal of fine literature in the reading selections. English involves basic grammatical usage and creative as well as informative writing.

Foreign Languages

In addition to English, CDCA students are exposed to foreign languages as special enrichment programs begun in first grade. The languages are introduced in an active, responsive way, creating an awareness of other languages, cultures, and providing an enjoyable learning experience.


Recognizing the weakness of math nationally, our program is an advanced mathematics program which begins with the basic foundation of numbers and numeration and builds upon that foundation year by year. Our textbooks are designed to provide constant introduction of new concepts while providing practice and review of former concepts without page after page of the same type of problems. We also seek to develop necessary relationships between classroom mathematics and real life applications.

History and Geography

The history and geography classes at CDCA are just that: study of the history and geography of the world and our nation. We haven’t sought to re-write history to exclude any faith or acknowledgments of God. Nor do we focus on dates and facts for sheer memorization, but teach from the perspective that a thorough understanding of the history of society is necessary to successfully go forth into the future.


The use of the scientific method is employed in each branch of science-biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics in age-appropriate content and activities.

Here is where the line is drawn though between Christian and secular curriculums. A person’s belief in their own origin determines their entire world-view. Being created by a loving, omniscient and omnipotent Creator, we are accountable to Him. Biblical Creationism is taught as the origin of the universe and mankind. Evolution is taught as a theory developed to explain the existence apart from God.


To be fully educated, one must have a working knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, our “Owners Manual.” God’s Word is incorporated in Language Arts, Science, History, as well as studied in and of itself. We make every attempt to teach the plain and simple truths and stories of the Bible apart from major doctrinal differences held by Bible-believing churches. Our students study the historical events and people of the Bible, applying the principles to their lives today. True self-esteem and self-worth come from a proper perspective of knowing one is a child of God, and from seeking to live, worship and praise according to His Instructions.

In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Colossians 2:3

Special Curricular Activities

In addition to the other academic areas, CDCA students experience music, arts and crafts, and physical education activities on a regular basis. Basic music notation, theory and history are taught so students can have fun with music and gain a greater appreciation of it. Students may participate in full-length musical plays, as well as other performance experiences for fun and ministry.

Instrumental instruction has been offered to CDCA students through other agencies at the parents expense for those desiring an instrumental experience for their students.